Sloppy Joe’s Thai Rendevous

I have a sweet spot for sloppy Joe’s. It brings back childhood memories of Catholic school where once a week, usually a Thursday, there would be special meals we could buy for $1.25. Sometimes hot dogs or burgers, but the sloppy Joe’s are what we all waited for. It’s such a classic childhood dish you can’t help but enjoy and reminisce about the simpler days.

Now if sloppy Joe went to Thailand  and had a little fling in Pattaya with a Thai girl, or boy, or even a ladyboy he would turn into our version of the sandwich. We use ground pork, instead of beef, red curry, ginger, garlic, lemongrass & palm sugar. We top it off with jalapenos for a nice bite, cilantro & some cheddar cheese.

All these women are actually men.

Side Note: Thailand has become infamous for a lot of unsavory things lately. The redlight district is quite embarrassing.  A major player in the redlight districts like Pattaya or Patpong is the ladyboy. For whatever reason Thai men make beautiful women. I’ve had many guy friends leave Thailand so confused because they have no clue if they were seeing women or ladyboys. It’s actually a fun game if you’re ever in Thailand.

There is a beauty pageant for ladyboys called the Miss Tiffany Universe. Thai ladyboys win almost every year.


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