The Pacific Rim

I was first introduced to the term “Pacific Rim” by my “Contemporary East Asian Economics” professor. The “Pacific Rim” generally refers to the countries that are on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, but on an economics standpoint it refers to an economic region that consists of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I’m getting old, so at the time of this class Japan was still a relevant player in East Asian economics. Actually, no, was a ‘more’ relevant player; the karaoke-loving, ramen-slurping, anime-crazed Japanese are still hanging on. I digress, the point is since that class I have always associated the term “Pacific Rim” with Japan.  Plus, the professor was a Japanese expert and super dreamy.

Now our sandwich, the “Pacific Rim” has pickled ginger & wasabi mayo, 2 ingredients many associate with sushi, hence Japan. Pacific Rim was just the perfect name. It’s become one of our best selling sandwiches. The crisp lettuce  & creamy avocado blend perfectly with the bite of the pickled ginger & wasabi mayo. Simply — ooishii desu ne!!!


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