Specials Starting Tuesday 3/1

(Specials available for 1 week or until sold out.)

Caesar Wrap Deluxe                                                                                               w/ crispy duck/9.95  w/ grilled or crispy chicken breast/8.25                                   (Served with fries or chips)

Choice of plain or wheat wrap stuffed with choice of protein, bacon & romaine lettuce tossed with shredded parmesan cheese & our homemade Asian Caesar dressing (mayo, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, sesame oil, & chili-garlic sauce). (Hint of Spice)

Udon Thani   7.50    (Served with fries or chips)  Best on Baguette

This sandwich was created in the city of Udon Thani in Thailand. Udon is home to the Thai Royal Airbase and played a key role for the United States during the Vietnam war. There was a huge influx of Vietnamese refugees to the area bringing with them the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich. Local Thais tweaked with the ingredients and created this version adding “khun chieng” a Chinese sausage that has been fully absorbed into the Thai culinary culture. “Khun chieng” basically looks like salami but it is sweet. Along with khun chieng there is “moo yaw” the Vietnamese-style bologna & the typical banh mi players like mayo, cucumber, pickled carrots, jalapenos & cilantro. Also added for a kick is  spicy chili-garlic sauce.

We get our Khun Chieng shipped from a shop in Los Angeles, CA.

Pan fried khun chieng (sweet sausage), pan-fried Vietnamese pork roll, mayo, chili-garlic sauce, cukes, pickled carrots, jalapenos, cilantro.

Soup of the Day:

Miso Soup   3

Japanese fermented soy bean soup with wakame seaweed, tofu, & scallions.


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