Specials to Look Forward To Starting Monday 3/28

We have some exciting creations to share with you starting next Monday 3/28!

Need an Indian fix?

Try our New Delhi Wrap. . .  8.75 This sandwich was inspired by the Indian street food called “Aloo Tikki” which is basically a spice potato patty. Aloo = potato.  Great for vegetarians.

Pan-fried curried  potato patties with corn &onions  stuffed in your choice of wheat or white wrap with lettuce, tomato, homemade mint-cilantro-cucumber yogurt raita & mango salsa. Slightly spicy. Served with fries.

The Bollywood. . . 8.95 This is a twist on an Indian dish “Tandori Chicken” popular in the States. Bollywood is a term used to describe India’s Hindi cinema. Bollywood films are the ultimate musicals with actors constantly breaking out in song and dance. It’s quite a guilty pleasure with the typical “Romeo & Juliet” story lines, great dance moves & infectious beats.

Grilled chicken breast marinated with yogurt and Indian spices like garam masala, tumeric & cumin, with lettuce, cucumber & mango salsa. Served with fries.

Here are some Bollywood videos for you to enjoy:


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