Tropical Curried Chicken Salad

Curried chicken salad is an item popping up on a lot menus. Chicken salad is always a great go to sandwich at your local deli, and adding curry powder just gives it that extra oomph. For some reason curry powder & mayo just meld together into a wonderful flavor. What makes Mum Mum’s curried chicken salad stand out and special? We put in just a little extra elbow grease (not literally of course ; } ) and lots of love. We use only chicken breast. We believe roasting gives the meat much better flavor. The chicken breast we use has the skin on to give it extra flavor and keep it moist. The split chicken breast is rubbed with olive oil,  kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and Javin’s yellow curry powder. Each chicken breast is shredded by hand and mixed with chopped red onion, celery, dried mango, golden raisins, ginger, mayo & yellow curry powder.

The flavors of all the ingredients blend so well together, and the mango just gives it that extra something, something. Give this sandwich a try next time and you won’t go back to that plain old, only mayo chicken salad again.

Curry roasted chicken breast just out of the oven.



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