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Mum Mum’s Closed Until January 29th.

Pad Thai Too’s matriarch is on a much needed vacation. With one less cook at Pad Thai, Mum Mum’s will be closed until January 29th. We will reopen on Monday January 30th with extended hours. In the meantime, we will be serving food from Mum Mum’s Menu for lunch at Pad Thai Too (400 Kennedy Memorial Dr) Tuesday through Saturday 11-2. Delivery will also be available. If you would like to order please call 859-8900.

Hot Dawg! Hot Dawg! Hot Diggity Dawg!

Memorial Day is not only for the remembrance of our brave men and women, but it also marks the beginning of the American summer season. With summer comes, hot weather (hopefully), sunny skies (fingers doubly crossed), thirst quenching lemonade, juicy watermelon, barbecues smoking with burgers and of course HOT DOGS! There’s just something about these simple dogs in a bun that can conjure up the happiest childhood summer memories. You can be dirt poor or a billionaire food snob and I’m sure you’d still enjoy a simple hot dog.

It is a classic summer staple that I personally enjoy with mustard. Some cry bloody murder if you put ketchup on a dog, and each region of the US has their own take on the best condiment for the hot dog. Whatever your preference, hot dogs have definitely come a long way from the usual players like mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut and sauteed onions. With food globalization at its peak, the hot dog has become the perfect canvas for the Asian fusion flavors.

Here at Mum Mum’s we have created a special menu just for hot dogs that will be available all summer. Our hot dog creations combine unique, fresh Asian-inspired flavors to kick up the simple hot dog to a whole different taste experience.  If you enjoy are unique sandwiches, you definitely will not be disappointed by these special hot dogs. With an open mind and adventurous taste buds, give our hot dogs a try.

Our wieners are not for weenies.

Summer Hot Dog Menu:

Our quarter pound, all beef hot dogs are grilled & served on your choice of white or wheat toasted baguette. Please choose the type of wiener you’d like to experience:

New Classics

*One Night in Bangkok*   cucumber relish, homemade peanut sauce

*I Think I’m Turning Japanese* avocado, wasabi mayo, pickled ginger, wasabi peas

*Seoul Train*   spicy mayo, kimchi

*Spicy BALT* spicy mayo, bacon, avocado, lettuce & tomato

*Indochine* mayo, pickled carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro

*Hot Mess* spicy Sriracha-spiked ketchup, spicy mayo, crushed hot chips

*Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto* teriyaki sautéed onions & peppers, mayo, nori komi furikake (seaweed-sesame seasoning)

*Slaw Dawg*   sesame-ginger coleslaw & pickle

Deluxe Dawgs

 These gargantuan dawgs should satisfy any ravenous appetite.

Add a fried egg for $1

*Bulgogi* sesame-dark soy marinated shaved steak, kimchi, spicy mayo

*Siamese Chili Cheese Dawg* our red curry sloppy Joe, jalapeno, melted mozzarella, cilantro

This menu will be available starting June 1st.

Specials starting 5/11

Back by popular demand: Vietnamese Bun — Noodle Salads!

Choice of:

  • Sautéed Lemongrass Chicken – 8.95

  • Fried Tofu – 7.75

  • Sautéed Lemongrass Shaved Steak – 9.95

  • Pan-fried Vietnamese Pork Roll – 7.95

  • Combo: Choice of 2 from above – 10.95

Served over a bed of rice vermicelli noodles, shredded cukes, lettuce, pickled carrots, basil, mint, cilantro and crushed cashews. Served with a slightly spicy & sweet soy sauce. A refreshing light meal.

Soft-Shell Crab Po’Boy Club  9.25

Baguette only

Crispy panko-encrusted soft-shell crab, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon & mustard-caper mayo. Served with fries.   9

The Bollywood  8.95

Grilled chicken breast marinated with yogurt and Indian spices like garam masala, tumeric & cumin, with lettuce, cucumber-mint raita & mango salsa. Served with fries.

Red Curry Haddock Sandwich   9.25

Crispy panko encrusted haddock, lettuce, tomato, Thai basil & red curry mayo. Served with fries or chips.

Homebrewed Iced Lemongrass Tea w/ fresh lemon slices. $2

Beyond Lomein

I just love this paragraph:

“Much of what passes for Cantonese cooking in the Western World would sicken a traditional Cantonese gourmet. Canned pineapple, canned cherries, and even canned fruit cocktail; enormous quantities of dehydrated garlic, barbecue or Worcestershire sauce; canned vegetables, corn starch, mono-sodium glutamate, cooking sherry, and heavy doses of sugar are found in many of these bizarre creations. This fusion of pseudo-Cantonese and pseudo-Polynesian food can be traced to a renegade Cantonese chef at Trader Vic’s in California. The basic formula appears to be: take the fattest, rankest pork you can get; cook it in a lot of oil with the sweetest mixture of canned fruits and sugar you can make; throw on a lot of MSG and cheap soy sauce; thicken the sauce to glue-like consistency; and serve it forth. The Cantonese regard the whole business as proof that Westerners are [c]ultureless barbarians, but they cook it, and now even many Taiwan Chinese (having eaten Cantonese food only in cafes catering to American G.I.’s) are convinced that this is typical Cantonese cooking.” —Food in China, E.N. Anderson [Yale University Press:New Haven CT] 1988 (p. 212-3)

There is so much more to Asian food than the usual suspects — lo mein, fried rice, crab rangoon, etc. Granted, the typical Chinese-American fare has been around since the mid 1800s and has basically become part of the America food culture; as American as apple pie. Asia does not equal Chinese, and that is Mum Mum’s Mission — we want to broaden the food scene in Waterville. Asian food is so complex and has such a broad spectrum. Thai food, Korean food, Vietnamese food, Malaysian food, Indian food. Japanese food, and so on are nothing alike. Some aspects might cross over here and there, but essentially each is special and amazing in their own right.

Allow your taste buds to live a little. Be a little adventurous and break-free from the chains of the typical fortune cookie-fare. It’s so easy to be afraid of the unfamiliar. Worst case scenario – ugh, this is not appealing to my taste buds, I won’t be coming back. Best case scenario – wow, this stuff is actually good and now I have something else to add to my lunch repertoire, and I can move beyond the mundane turkey sandwich.

Specials Starting Monday January 10

Venice of the East

Inspired by Italy’s Caprese Salad

Choice of white or whole-wheat baguette toasted with our chili-basil-garlic butter, melted mozzarella cheese, tomatoes & Thai holy basil.     6.50      w/ fries   7.50       Try it with bacon +1.25

Add Asian Pesto Chicken +2.50 (Chicken breast is marinated in a homemade Asian pesto made with cilantro, mint, Thai holy basil, garlic, parmesan cheese)

Spicy BELT

6.75   w/ fries 7.75

Choice of white or whole-wheat baguette stuffed with spicy mayo, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and a fried egg.

The C.A.B.

7.25     w/fries  8.25

Crispy chicken breast strips, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mustard-caper mayo.


Fried Panko Mozzarella Sticks with homemade Sriracha-spiked marinara   6


Updated Menu

Please check out our newly edited menu with new dishes added:


Green Goddess Wrap

Special wrap starting Thursday Dec. 23rd — Green Goddess Wrap. Choice of wheat wrap or plain wrap stuffed with sauteed zucchini, bell peppers & onions, lettuce, tomato, avocado, homemade pickled carrots and our homemade mixed curry herb mayo. 6.50